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There were over 400 miracles this week, maybe more nobody knows for sure


What a cool week. Many miracles for sure

Don't have too much time so I'll get down to it.


She is maybe the coolest convert of my mission. She decided to renounce Catholicism to be baptized in our church which caused all of her friends to stop talking to her. Then they all started calling her trying to convince her of the mistake she was about to make. When they realized that wasn't going to work they started making her feel really bad and saying she'd never be welcome with them again. Ouch

We did our best to help her and have members befriend her, but we could tell it was weighing her down. The day before her baptism we came over and talked to her about how she felt and the baptism, and we could tell she was a little uneasy. We talked about prayer and the confirming power of the spirit and we prayed with her. She told us she was good and she wanted to be baptized.

We came back the next morning to walk with her to church and she was not home. I immediately got worried because we planned with her to walk with her. Just then we got a call from our zone leaders who live 45 minutes away and they told us "Elders! Do you guys know that Dora is in Bosques??" We had no idea.

Basically, Dora had been woken up early by a phone call from her old church Father saying he needed her help and that she needed to come to his house (in Bosques). She saw it as a sign that she needed to go. She went and decided to not be baptized that day. When she got off the bus in Bosques at 9am, she somehow was seen right then by our zone leaders who were walking in their area. One of them recognized her from an exchange and they went over to talk to her. They found out why she came to Bosques and talked with her and somehow convinced her to come to church in Bosques. After the meeting they asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she still wasn't sure. They asked if she had prayed and she said that we had invited her and she did, but she didn't specifically ask if she needed to be baptized today. They went into a room in the church and kneeled down. She asked and felt that confirming spirit and decided to.

They called us and explained that we needed to get down to Bosques right then! We went and had the baptism down there. It was crazy and a miracle. She loved it and has been so joyful and full of the spirit since.

I love the mission. Such a sacred special experience. Its a privilege to be here!

Elder Telford

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