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"My time is at hand" (3 Nefi 17:1)

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Familia, Amigos, y Hermanos,

This week was crazy. I got to do divisions with a good friend of mine, Elder Speaker. Love you man.

That kind of absorbed the first half of the week, because Gualan is pretty far away. Once Elder Flores and I were back in our area, we found out we were probably being transfered. Since Elder Flores was the one to leave, we planned out the week so he could visit everyone one last time.

We especially worked hard on an activity we had last Saturday, for Guatemalan independence day. My companion cooked Baleadas, a delicious Honduranian food, there was delicious Guatemalan foods, some traditional dancing, and everyone was committed to bring a friend. Unfortunately, very few people actually brought friends, so that was kind of disappointing.

By the time yesterday came around, we were already ready to start the goodbyes, we were just waiting on the final word from President. But when it came, it knocked me off my feet. I found out that I would be the one leaving Estanzuela, not Elder Flores. So all of the sudden, the goodbye we had planned for him was suddenly for me. It was a really sad day, I said goodbye to a lot of people I love a lot.