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Elder Johnson: "Montreal will give you lots of China vibes"

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Adam Johnson. Mon, Oct 11

It's been 3 days so far and… I still feel like I'm in a dream. I'm sure most of you haven't been to China, but if you have, then Montreal will give you lots of China vibes. Lots of buses, Metro systems, bikers, and people.

But don't get me wrong, this place is beaaaautiful I'm loving every second of my mission experience! I love the architecture here. The buildings are beautiful. The style they do is just so old fashioned, I love it. And the people here are friendlier than usual. I've heard lots of opinions on how French people act towards English people, and surprisingly I haven't run into one rude person yet. Day one felt so unreal.

My MTC companion was Elder Renaud (Reh-no) and is also my first companion in the mission field. Meeting him at the airport felt fake. I was so used to seeing him on a computer screen all the time. Seeing him in real life was just like… wut. Anyways. My first pday you'd expect me as a missionary to chill all day and do a few shoppin stuff right? Nah we went golfing, shopping, talked to Chinese people, and lots of other things. And we ended up walking around 15 miles today. My feet are broken. But not my spirit. My spirit is not broken. I noticed my biggest stumbling block is having the guts to talk to random Chinese people in the metro and buses. The first few days were not so good. But I'm feeling more confident everyday. I'm going to make it a goal this week to talk to at least one random Chinese stranger on the metro train. I love my companions. They are so willing, and love a challenge. And so do I. But I have talked to many Chinese people in my new ward. Speaking of which, the Chinese ward consists of around 15-20 people, and 8 Elders. SUPER small!! Our goal as missionaries is to build up the church again. And I hope that we will. I believe we can as long as we work hard, have faith, and pray alot. Anyways, I feel like I might be missing something interesting, but I'll post yall up next week. -Johnson 长老

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