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Dog days

Uh oh, that month went by way too quick

Hola a todos! Argentina is welcoming us to June with the usual, a cold front and the flu going around. It's pretty easy to catch the flu when everyone shares a mate and uses the same straw. But we all got the flu shot at the last conference so we're good

I did an exchange with the Elderes in a town called Chascomus and it was a great experience! Such a pretty town in comparison with how dirty most towns are here in Buenos Aires. It's very well kept and the people are much more relaxed.

We were able to work effectively and have a good day, but nothing too crazy. At the end of the day after receiving some disappointing news, I had the thought to knock (clap in Argentina) a random house. We did so, and a woman answered with interest to hear our message. She ended up accepting a baptismal date and wanting to come to church. Super cool miracle!

As always, we met a bunch of dogs throughout the day. That's a standard part of the day for many missionaries. But what surprised me was that the Elder I was with would pet some of them, even ones that looked kind of gross. I asked him and he thinks they're cute.

And then that night as I was falling asleep (still not in my normal area) I was awoken by itchiness on my legs. I went to the bathroom to find my legs polkadoted by little red bites. Woo hoo. Turns out they as a companionship got flees because they had pet the dogs. And then I got Flees. I was not happy about that. Not happy. I have felt like a dog trying not to scratch and spraying our apartment with raid twice a day. I think I'm clean now, but my companion treats raid like it will kill him, and I learned from my Dads example that you can inhale it with no worry. So he's upset with me about using too much of it but whatcha gonna do.

We are working and praying for the miracle of helping our friend Delia be baptized soon. She just needs to give up cigarettes. More than anything, she needs to make the decision to go all in and give them up. The results will come later, but that decision has to be made. We also met a lady named Maria that almost got baptized a few months ago, but was convinced by her daughter not to do so. She told her daughter, "how about I read the whole book (of mormon) and if I believe it's all true then will you feel better about me getting baptized? The daughter said yeah sure mom, and then Maria told the missionaries to come back in a few months after she'd read it. The missionaries thought she wasn't going to progress and stopped passing by.

We go by without knowing anything, meet her, and she tells us she's reading the Book. I say, wow! How great! Can you show me what you've read? She did. It was not only the whole book of Mormon, she has read into the appendix Chao.

That's perty much it. Just enjoying every second of the beautifully difficult and joyful experience of a mission. It has easily been the best decision I've ever made, to serve. I again exhort all young adults to strongly consider with prayer and fasting whether to serve a mission. And the answer if you're a young man is yes. If you're a young woman it's very likely. If you want to grow as a diciple of christ and find true joy as you save other people, it's the place for you.

Elder Telford

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