Adam Lehi  王小凯

Adam Lehi Johnson has been a musician from a young age. He has written hundreds of songs and recorded these compositions into DAW software for over a decade.

A gifted keyboardist and guitarist and singer, Adam heads up a band with his sisters called LEHI!厉害! where they harmonize vocals and sing some lyrics in Chinese as well.  Adam is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  His native language is American English, from California.

王小凯(Adam Lehi Johnson)从小就一直是音乐家。 他写了几百首歌。 他使用计算机软件编排歌曲。 他是一位才华横溢的键盘手,吉他手和歌手。 亚当和他的姐妹们带领一支乐队。 乐队叫LEHI!厉害! 他们协调人声并唱一些中文歌词。他会说中文流利。他的母语是来自加利福尼亚的美国英语。

photo: Katelyn Williams

keyboard drawn and animated by Adam Lehi 王小凯

Been working hard!!一直在努力!

map Illustrations drawn by Adam Lehi Johnson © 2020. 地图插图绘制者 王小凯 © 2020

My Life in China   (click to view)

The Band I formed with my Sisters: Lehi!厉害!

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