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Worked to death

This week has been epic so far. And the title of this email is not talking about me, but my companion haha.

First things first: I'm back in the Mandarin branch. I was out in Kirkland (west island english area) for only one transfer and to be honest I thought I was going to stay there till the end of my mission, but the Lord has other plans for me, haha.

I'm excited to be back! And so is my new companion: Elder Davila. And this Elder just loves talking to everyone and inviting them to church/hearing a message. First day together, boom we get 10+ numbers in just 2 hours. And throughout the day we're still getting numbers, inviting so many people. In just one day we got about maybe 15 numbers? Somewhere around there, I lost count.

The next day, even more numbers. We're just going gang buster.

And by the end of the third day we got about 40+ numbers in total for the whole week. But then... Elder Davila catches the peshky cold

We were doing so good that Satan just says, "enOUgh" LOL

So we missed church, and other things but it's okay, we did our best. It was a good start to the transfer, haha.

But that doesn't stop us, we can still find on facebook, call people and teach them over the phone, etc. There's so many ways to keep the work going.

PEACE —Elder Johnson

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