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Why hello,

I apologize for the lack of emails... and this short one as well. My companion wrote 13 emails today so he's all caught up


This week we worked much and had a baptism. woOhoO

Her name is Agostina and she is literally super cool. She saw her older cousin get baptized 6 months ago and has been asking her mom to let her for about that long. But she kept not being impressed by the missionaries and avoiding them. She even tried to get agostina to be baptized in other churches more typical to the area but agostina knows what's up and wanted to be baptized with the Elderes

Then we met her mother and bore our testimonies about how the gospel and baptism bless the family. We were able to win her over and put a date. This was 2 weeks ago, and yesterday she was baptized and confirmed. Picture below

Other than that we have been working like crazy to work with members in a part of town where no members live. And very few have cars. But i have realized that members really are willing to help if you give them fair warning. Members make ALL the difference so please help your missionaries wherever you are.

We made teriyaki stir fry somehow In Argentina and I also was called to sing in the mission choir for the area president coming. I give thanks to my mother having me sing in ward choir growing up.

And... we are having a mission zoom with Elder Renlund this Wednesday. Can't wait for that.

That's the update! Much love to all and to all a good night

Elder Telford

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