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Senior Transfer Apr 6 1979

video with captions below

April 6th. Lately, it's been very hard to stay fired up. My companion is not seemingly excited. You know, we got out late last night, 8:15 PM. We should be out to proselyte at 6:00 PM. I was reading Steven R. Covey's book again. And it's amazing how that every time I read that book, it applies to the situations I'm presently in.

I read that we as people should learn to separate a person's soul from the things he does. That means always respect him as a child of God like you, and look for those divine potentials that he does have. Eliminate the tendencies to judge and criticize and look for faults. Look for his good points. He said, We often see what we are conditioned to look for.

He gave an example of the dual picture of an old lady and a young lady. Well, I was tending to judge my companion and getting a little discouraged, but when I read that, I realized what I was thinking and shaped up. I also noticed that I was getting discouraged and knew that Heavenly father wasn't pleased with that because he can't bless our work through a discouraged missionary.

Well, at 8:15 we went down our