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Becoming a SENIOR COMPANION. Official Transfer from Jeonju to Gwangju. Journal: April 6 1979

Updated: Feb 26

video with captions below

April 6th. Lately, it's been very hard to stay fired up. My companion is not seemingly excited. You know, we got out late last night, 8:15 PM. We should be out to proselyte at 6:00 PM. I was reading Steven R. Covey's book again. And it's amazing how that every time I read that book, it applies to the situations I'm presently in.

I read that we as people should learn to separate a person's soul from the things he does. That means always respect him as a child of God like you, and look for those divine potentials that he does have. Eliminate the tendencies to judge and criticize and look for faults. Look for his good points. He said, We often see what we are conditioned to look for.

He gave an example of the dual picture of an old lady and a young lady. Well, I was tending to judge my companion and getting a little discouraged, but when I read that, I realized what I was thinking and shaped up. I also noticed that I was getting discouraged and knew that Heavenly father wasn't pleased with that because he can't bless our work through a discouraged missionary.

Well, at 8:15 we went down our alley and dropped in on Rhee Yun Sun and his family. We taught a D one, a C one, and a two and a three and a D two. I felt the spirit and had a smile and could love my companion and support him the whole time. He did good, but I know that the Lord can't fully bless us when we aren't trying with our might being out on time working.

How can the Lord bless us if we only put in less than half the time for proselyting? He can't fully, and it's apparent in the lack of the power of the Spirit in our promises appointments. I can see that we are not receiving the full blessings. How can I help Elder xxxx to get excited enough to strive and to be useful with every minute of the Lord's time? It seems to me that he just won't change. I know that he can, but it's something that he needs to sprout and well up inside of him, and it's got to be his desire. I can't tell him to do it. He's got to commit on his own. I need the Lord to keep myself excited and always enthused.

April 7th. Wow. Yesterday they came, transfers came.

I was so happy I'm becoming a senior with a new MTC elder. That's just what I was hoping for. Well, I'm going to Guang Ju in the Guang Ju Zone. Now there's going to be so much responsibility on my head. Not only am I responsible to run the program, but I have a special responsibility to my new companion.

Because he's new, it's my privilege to help him and train him to be the best, and I'm gonna do just that. Right now, I've got to become more spiritually prepared because I know that Satan is working on me, and I also know that it's his evil design to try and break me. I need to work twice as hard now. Twice as hard. I've got to put forth double. Hey, I'm starting to feel fired up! But I'm gonna treat my junior excellent, just how I wanted to be treated.

But I won't baby him. I will make a man out of him, a spiritual giant. That's gonna be neat. Also, I've got to run the program now. I know not what the last elder left me there in Guang ju to work with. It's my turn to run the program with my companion. To use the Lord's time. It's a must that I be in tune with the spirit to make sure that Heavenly Father's hand is in everything we do.

I've got little idea of what to do as a senior. I need to study on it and become prepared. I'm going to be in a six man house, with a Korean elder there too. That should help my language. I think my first companion meeting with Elder so-and-so, I don't know his name yet, will be so very important.

In that meeting, I've got to establish a bond of love between us so that we can trust each other. Then that love will carry us through the difficult times. That's what I need to do is love him and serve him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I need to be humble but dignified and always realize the divine commission that we all have and to perform accordingly.

We all have a special miracle to perform and I've been longing, hoping, and aching to put it to. I'm really sad that Elder XXXX, and I didn't do it in Chun Ju. I was hoping and praying for it, but our relationship grew and I learned a lot, and I'm sure that there were many hearts that we touched with our message.

I pray that the Lord will bless all that we did and accept our offering of work. I truly did put forth my faculties here in Chun Ju, and I know it did not go to waste. I trust that we did many great things that maybe cannot be seen. Boy, a lot of thoughts are racing through my mind about being senior. I need to have plans for what I'm going to do in Guang Ju so that every minute will be used very wisely and very carefully.

I've got to do my best for the Lord. I've got to work, Oh, so hard and work. And I've got to be genuine and love my companion. Then we can love the people. Anyway, I've got lots of preparations to make much studying on the subject. I've got to build my companion up, make him feel important. If I treat him like an eight cow missionary, he'll perform like an eight cow missionary. President Rhee said that. So I believe and know it's true. PMA. Positive mental attitude must be enforced at all times to combat the doubting thoughts that Satan would try to creep into our minds. It's a war between Satan and our Heavenly Father and us. We must always be on guard, always praying. Hoping and having faith. I know that this will enable us to have the full protection and blessings of the Lord.

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