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Padre Part 2


Sorry for not writing very much these last few weeks. We've been sick and busy. That's a basic way to start a missionary weekly email but it's the truth haha.

These last two weeks have been a challenge, but something I needed to prepare me for what was coming. I have learned and thought a lot about how to best help a companion to choose the right and having a balance between leading by example and telling them what to do. Which has prepared me to again recieve the calling of being a trainer! Exciting stuff, I'll be getting the newbie tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get to know him and do a much better job this time around than I did with Elder Arturo. I can clearly see the connection between learning to be a good companion and helping a companion to be good with future family relationships.

Something cool but a little odd that happened this week was we had lunch with the parents of my companion. They drove over from Chile and brought him a package. It was funny because his dad has all the same jokes, expressions, faces and laugh. They gifted me chocolate from Chile and a pen. Woo hoo. Beforehand they asked if I wanted to buy a jersey from Chile, which I did, so they brought one from a team named Colo-colo and payed them back for it. Shoutout to all my missionaries friends in Chile. Vamo colocolo.

To wrap up, I wanted to yet again say how blessed I am to be serving a mission. Deciding to worthily serve is the best decision I have ever made. It has blessed my life in so many ways already, and in infinite ways that I haven't seen yet. I have grown spiritually, matured as an individual, I have broken many bad habits and have begun many healthy ones. But more than anything, I have come much closer to my Father in heaven and have begun to see that what he has in mind for me requires a lot more effort and change than I was willing to put in before the mission. I am now very willing and excited to work and change for him. If you are a youth and what you want is remarkable positive change in your life, I urge you to serve a mission. All that is required is honesty and a willing heart, and the Lord can help you prepare and then serve.

I love you all, I am praying for you all, especially my family and friends going through challenges right now.

Till next weeeeek

Elder Telford

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