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"Not knowing beforehand" (1 Nefi 4:6)

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Buenas buenaaaas,

This week was one of the greatest weeks of my mission. Elder Vásquez and I have been full speed ahead since day 1, and it hasn't really slown down yet.

Last Monday, we had a really cool experience. We had appointments all night after our pday (6-9) and back up plans for all those appointments. But by 7 o'clock, all of those plans were kaput. A few canceled, a few didn't open their doors, and none of the back up plans were very helpful.

But we had just done our weekly planning two days before that, and our goal for the week was to have 2 successful contacts (have two people we don't know agree to meet with us) So we just set out to look for them. It reminded me of the scripture in 1 Nefi 4:6, "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do. Nevertheless I went forth."

Long story short, within 5 minutes, we had taught 3 people who all said they wanted to meet with us again. And within an hour we had found 2 inactive members, and put someone on date for baptism. Most successful "failure" of a day I've ever had.

And I know for sure that it wasn't anything we did. The Lord simply had a better plan for our night than we did. I'm just grateful we decided to let him guide us. He put people in our path we never would have found on our own.

The woman we put on date for baptism is named Gabriela, and she is the third person I have put on date since I got here. We're hoping we can put Blanca on date this week as well. The field truly is white, already to harvest in Sión.

In other news, General Conference was absolutely amazing. I feel like Conference is so much more powerful on a mission, especially since I have specific questions about how to help people and how to improve. I received answers, and certainly a lot of determination to do better and be better.

If you didn't get the chance to watch all of it, I hope you'll find the time to this week. Definitely worth the sacrifice of time.

On a sadder note, we're officially counting down the days until Elder Vásquez leaves.

Next Tuesday he's finally heading to his original assignment in Bolivia.

We're going to have a great week to send him off.

Love you all, I hope your week was awesome. Shoot me an email

Elder Telford

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