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MTC Missionary Training Center, DAY 2

Updated: Aug 31, 2022


Here's a snapshot from the 2nd Home MTC day. 5 days have passed now. It has been amazing to see the stepping up to the plate, the dedication, and the hard work, all willingly. They have a wonderful support group district online, 15 or 20 others they say (I don't bother them when they are online, don't want to be the helicopter), but I do want to make what very few memories I can. They are getting up at 5:15 here, exercising, get ready, breakfast, follow the schedule, and doing a great job with a 3 hour class/breakout groups online, and then 1.5 hour lunch break, then 3 more hours online, then companion study and activity in the mission training until they are tired and want to have family prayer and hit the sack.

I want to express my admiration for their dedication and willingness to serve the Lord and to be prayerful, reading scriptures, and also having some little time to actually learn the Chinese Mandarin language. That's because in the first 3 weeks the focus of the missionary training center is largely in English where the gospel lessons can be learned, absorbed, testified, in a spiritual setting where testimonies can grow naturally in one's native tongue, and where everybody gets to practice and feel comfortable in a variety of settings.

Emily and Adam both had scenarios where they dialed in on a Zoom call to teach with their online companions, Emily and Adam doing this in separate rooms, and on the other end was a family or person who had specific needs or interests, and Emily and Adam were to adapt their teaching to meeting the needs of the situation. All out of their heads, preparations, and from their hearts. Then after, evaluations are made, its such a great training process. I know they are loving it and it is making them feel very fulfilled, wonderful, and thankful. It is also hard work. But they are doing so well, and I am so proud of them in a spiritual sense, so thankful that they are being dedicated. I can hear them teach sometimes while passing in the hallway, and it sounds really good! They are really good teachers already. Its amazing what our youth can do when they are challenged to rise up and meet the challenge, and they have a testimony and a great attitude. so HOPEFUL!!

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