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Light the Beam- Argentina Edition 🇦🇷

Well if you need explanation with that title you can ask my father. Or much better yet my brother Jacob. I am sure he would love to explain.

Well, this week was quite interesting! Amongst being sick, we also saw one of the Elders leave our ward. Elder Dow who has grown into a really good friend of mine left for our neighboring zone. He left his companion who is a greenie... but no other missionary was set to come to be his companion. So we become a trio of 2 new missionaries and I! Fun stuff. The APs let me know the plan was to keep it that way for the rest of the transfer. We had a lot of fun working really hard for 2 days.. and then we get a text saying the elder was leaving after all and to have him pack. He left yesterday

The tough thing about it was we decided to move into his apartment because it's in a better location. So we packed and unpacked for no reason. It's okay though.

Alright.. the main news from this week was having the very unique experience of living in the country that wins the world cup while on our mission. What are the odds??

I am genuinely impressed by the Argentine partying. It has been a madhouse outside since the win, my companion and I struggled to study as it is just too loud. It's fun though!! All of our members and friends here are so happy and excited. It's really the biggest deal to them. One of my recent converts is gifting me a jersey signed by her and the family! Fun stuff. Sadly, we were not allowed outside during or after the game, so we don't have any pictures or anything of how it is. I'll never forget it though.

And now... we head into Christmas and New Years. It's just non stop in Argentina during the month of December.

As for the work, we are trying to help Fanny's kids to accept the gospel, and I have high hopes! This last week we went to a tournament of theirs and they played an incredible sport called Torball... it's weird. It's much too hard to explain, maybe you can find it on the internet.

Alright.. that's all for now. Merry Christmas to all

Elder Telford

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