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La fiesta

Hola a todos

If you want to know what argentina is like for Christmas, then you just need to know that instead of calling Christmas break the holidays or Christmas time, they call it la fiesta, which means "the party". It's generally just a 2 week party time that has a limited amount of Christmas themed decorations, music, and messages. It was a great opprotunity to share my personal experiences of how Christmas can be and how charity can truly make it the most wonderful time of the year.

Well a little summary:

1. Gave a talk on Sunday about how the Christmas spirit of giving and the Holy Ghost are the same.

2. A very nice sister in our ward wanted to give us a slice of home on Christmas so she made us fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and cornbread. 1st time for all 3 of those in this country and it tasted like it was straight out of a diner. #TenderMercies

3. This week we decided we wanted to double the amount of new people we meet.. at first we met opposition but with a little persistence we were able to talk to lots. Very grateful for that goal we made

4. A recent convert family that loves us made us dinner for Christmas eve and gifted me a Messi jersey!!

5. For 2 days we had a trio and there's a picture

6. We made a homemade pizza for Christmas dinner. It was good. Vamos pizza

All in all a fun time, but I'm ready to get back into really helping people come unto Christ. Merry Christmas!

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