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First Vision... pretty powerful

Kirkland is fun, we're meeting with a guy name Gerry. He is an awesome person and we have a member helping us teach him the Gospel. He is of another faith but he is really leaning into what we believe.

Unfortunately he has some health problems, but his heart and faith is strong plus he's super hilarious!And I've been noticing a pattern with the people I teach. Everytime we talk about the first vision I'm always near the point of tears.

There is something so powerful about testifying of God and Jesus Christ appearing to the young boy Joseph Smith. I can truly say with no doubt in my mind that God and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith. And it's because the Spirit has witnessed it to me not just once, but multiple times on my mission.

Gerry is great Anyways, we had a ward talent show and I got pied in the face.

Pics for proof.


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