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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

and so our trip across the United States began. First target: Yellowstone National Park and all of its wonders! 1,200 mile trip over mountainous and desert terrain, it was an arduous trip, but our new RAM truck was up to the task of towing, a very powerful machine. We would get about 10 mph average with this rig.

On October 2, 2020 we stopped at the top of the Sierra Mountains at Donner Lake to take a look. We had been on the road a couple of days so far to get to this point, starting at Fresno, CA. Now we were very near to Truckee, CA.

We were still learning the ropes of how to RV like this, have a pickup truck pull a huge and heavy trailer. My driving experience for the first 300 miles was harrowing. White knuckles all the time, especially when large trucks pass us on the left. We were the slowest vehicle on the freeways at 50 to 55 mph. Any faster and I would have felt like I would lose control of the whole rig. But our journey had begun. We had food, water, restroom and beds to rest contained in our RV. Even making a hot lunch or dinner was quick and easy, as this had a stovetop, an oven, and even an electronic oven.

We even had a complete 10 GB high speed LAN with a brand new Synology NAS server to store all of our future video files. It had 20 TB of storage available for the one month trip, and we used up about 5 TB of storage with videos.

That's a lot of video! (over 100 hours of footage at 4k).

We shot all footage with 4k cameras, whether it was drone, iPhone, DSLR, or 360 Gopro.