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Can God Change the Music?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

2014 年 9 月 27 日

September 27, 2014. Saturday.

Well, tonight we got an answer to that question.

Tonight I went on a scooter ride with my son Adam and we drove all over the place in FuXin China, at night with all the lights, discovering many new places, crossing lit up bridges over the river, traveling in busy large traffic circles, traveling on the special ped / bike paths along the streets weaving slowing between people and bikes and motor scooters (lots of them) and seeing tons of people. It was really fantastic! So much COLOR! SO much fun, a fantastic experience of memories down many memory lanes, literally.

We even weaved slowly (like 0.1 mph with my foot down holding us up) through a pedestrian only wide street set up with food vendors, shoe vendors, and anything for sale vendors. People curious about us, and we about them. Many said "Hello!" with a grin. The smoke from cooking meats was being cleared at one vendor cart with a large 3 foot diameter fan that blew the smoke into the air out in the street up and away from the cooking meat, and the cook. LOTS of smoke. Smelled GOOD.

Adam posing, just seconds before he bumped the throttle and tipped the bike over, ouch! (totally my fault for bad instructions and faulty warnings!)

So we kept "driving" (scootering along), noticing all of the additional sights and sounds, people playing games, some even dancing in one huge traffic circle island (about 100 people there! how did they get there, there is no cross walk to it!) and others just walking, strolling. I LOVE THIS CULTURE and have never experienced anything like it in my life.

As we were driving on one of the bigger streets, heading home, we happened upon a DICOS fast food restaurant, and thought, "can't let that get away from us" so I did a U-Turn at the nearest cross street and crossed the main street to get over there.

So we go in, and the place is pretty empty, just a couple of customers, but music is playing. OK music.

Then we ordered our food, a hamburger to share, and two large fries and drinks, and went to sit down.

Immediately this terrible evil sounding song started to play, with screaming voices for lyrics, satanic sounding, and as I walked with my son to the nearest table, I thought "I don't even want to eat in here! but what do I do with all this food we just ordered?" and we sat down at the table.

I said to Adam, let's say a prayer, and I bowed my head and spoke with that terrible noise streaming downward at us from ceiling speakers above us, I said "Heavenly Father, please stop that terrible awful music, and we thank Thee for this food, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I thought it strange that I made that request in my prayer, but it is what my spirit absolutely wanted to have happen, and so within 4 seconds of saying AMEN, the music faded out, and a very VERY calm, Karen Carpenter type of ballad song started to play. I looked at Adam and he at me, and I said "God can answer prayers" and we talked about what had just happened. We were amazed. We didn't even eat yet, we just sat there pondering on what had just happened.

So we ate.

About 4 or 5 songs had played, ALL CALM and peaceful, compatible with the wonderful experience were both having that night riding around and seeing all the Chinese people who were out and about socializing with each other, a wonderful experience...

And when we were done eating the last four french fries, guess what came back on the radio in the DICOS? Yes, the satanic song, and I looked to Adam and said with a sort of chuckle, "Let's get out of here!" and we immediately got up and left, pondering on THAT additional curious event that had just happened.

We knew God answers prayers. It was amazing.

So we got on our bike, our electric bike (scooter) and rode back towards home, still a couple of miles to go. What a night.

When we got back home we shared our experience with the rest of the family, and how the Lord does answer prayers, and how we may not know how He does it, He can do it. We also don't know how Jesus turned water into wine, or how He walked on the water, or even better, how He created this whole earth by the power of the Priesthood... but we do know, if He can do THAT, then God can change the music, if you have faith that He can. That night, we did. And He did.

  • Mormon 9:21 21 Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

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