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If there's one thing I've learned on my mission is:

never clean and exercise at the same time

2 weeks ago I was at the church, mopped the gym floors cause they were dUsty. Waited for 5-10 minutes for the floors to dry. LOOKs dry. I start dribbling a basketball and go for a lay-up and then (womp), I slip and go bonk.

At the moment I was like... "wait, did I just break my finger? No I didn't"

And then I look at my hand and my left pinky is just a... little off. Tilted a good 50° to the right.

Surprisingly it didn't hurt, it just felt a little uncomfortable.

Rushed to the ER and had to wait there for 8 hours. I fell asleep at one point.

Anyways, I was 100% sure it was just dislocated, but unfortunately they told me that it was fractured.. pretty bad.

I'll definitely show the X-ray pictures but you'll have to message me to get the actual pictures, (too disturbing)

Aaanyways preeeetty disappointed because I thought it would be a simple "pop back in place" thing.

But no, they put my hand in a temporary cast. A week later put it into a better cast. And then anOTher week later I'm getting surgery today.

They're gonna put some metal plates into my pinky.

But yeaah, pretty lame story.

Anyways, other than that, life has been good. Our friends are slowly progressing. Most of them all believe or they feel like there is a God, but they just can't seem to find an answer through prayer, or don't feel like they've gained enough experience. We are doing are best to help them. Be it according to their faith and the Father's will, but I wish they could just recieve an answer! Cause I 110% believe that prayer is real! The Holy Ghost is real and has touched my heart many times on my mission.

If it wasn't for the mission I wouldn't have had such a strong testimony in the power of prayer and scripture study.

If we sincerely believe, have the desire, and definitely put in effort, the answer will be found. That's how I found my Testimony! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


—Elder Johnson

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