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I have been so bad at writing the last few weeks. I hope you can forgive me

Well the last few weeks have been composed of:

1. It's Colder

2. Lots of hard work

3. Crazy stuff happening to keep people from progressing

But.. we are still doing good! We know that if we not only continue in faith, but increase our faith and obedience that we will see miracles. When blessings don't come is always the moment we can decide to decrease or increase our efforts.. and naturally without a payoff we want to decrease. That's where we can put off the natural man and grow our testimonies.

Our friend Kevin really wanted to be baptized, but his parents told him no. We are going to go figure out why. Rosa wanted also to be baptized, but her son that lives with her told her she wasn't allowed to (..what?)

Our friend Jesica wants to return to church and have us baptized her three kids, but she must work Sunday and hasn't been able to find a job despite the help of the bishop and relief society presidente. So we have a bunch of prepared people and lots of seemingly immovable obstacles. But... I'm pretty sure the Red Sea seemed like an immovable obstacle to Moses in the moment. What God requires is faith on our part and on the part of our investigators and those obstacles will be moved!

Other than that I've been good. Lots of bike riding, cockroach hunting, and occasional cooking. I'm just trying to treasure every day that I have here. It's such a blessed wonderful life being a missionary. It can be easy to forget, but when you have the spirit and your focused on your purpose it is the most joyful thing you could do. You all can have more of that joy as you love share and invite!! The growth of this work greatly depends upon the participation of the members and i hope you all can pray and look for missionary opportunities.

With much love

Elder Telford

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