The Circle of FEAR

Many years ago, The Eagles ( known for "Take it easy" etc) would, when preparing for a concert, sit in a circle with their acoustic guitars and no microphones on their voices, and then sing their songs and sophisticated harmonies all out in the open facing each other! All voices aimed at each other.

They called this their “Circle of Fear” and this was because it was all out there in front of the most critical and honest people, the fellow band members!

Our circular table for The Circle of Fear

So that's what Lehi!厉害! started doing this week. We took a few of the original songs by Adam Lehi coming out on the next album this summer, and reworked the harmonies in front of each other. Thanks much to The Eagles for their inspirational method! We are incorporating that technique to get our vocals to the highest levels possible.

Stephanie, Emily, Adam and Audrey are making regular weekly time several times a week to get into that circle, and sing and hear, each other.

The Circle of Fear!

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