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SONG: "Music in My Soul" © 2011 Grant Johnson, inventor of MERIDI musical instrument

I found this in my journals from the past, and as I listen to this song created on the precursor to the MERIDI, the Chordboard STAC, a prototype software and hardware instrument, I was impressed that I still like the sound, its relevant, and still there are no musical instruments that can mix the chords live like this instrument can:

"Last week I was in the studio playing sounds on the STAC and found a real interesting chord progression. In key of F I started on the iii chord, the awesome and very cool A minor chord and played an arpeggio on that using a sound Friday Night on the Yamaha Motif, then alternated with the A# major chord on the root mixed with the equally awesome D minor chord on the top of the chord mix, arpeggiating notes... creating this bed of harmonic conflict that begs to be resolved, and teasing more by going to the V chord, the C major, and then back to the first A minor progression... and finally breaking away into a chord progression on the MAJORS side of the song starting with F major using the I, IV, V pattern. Branched over into the minors at G minor (ii chord). I built the song in Logic Pro Studio on many tracks. It was awesome musical fun creating this new song. My musical approach on this song was to have several different chord progressions. The one I started with was the hook for me, and then it built from there. Even a day later, there was still this "dead spot" in the song that needed significant work, and then I heard it in my head, went to the sounds, and then the Chordboard STAC to hammer it out. So fun when it came together :)" Grant Johnson

Here is the video of that song, being played with the MERIDI prototype, the Chordboard STAC.

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