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Our Music Studio Arrived... and we set it up!

Updated: Jul 14

2013 年 8 月 3 日 (AUG 3, 2013)

Our STUFF from the USA arrived on the boat last month, and we FINALLY got things going on setup. Here's The STUDIO and Adam is busy writing a bunch of new songs, and the rest of us are going to get busy! Practicing singing, writing lyrics, scripts, storyboards, videography... Lots of fun creative stuff to do...

Our loft studio in Chongqing China... the creative place

So we have a spot upstairs with a view of the lake, and lots of fans to keep cool, and studio monitor speakers plugged into a 240/120 V converter so it will all run. Now the chordboard is actually there to help create music tracks, but we are working on a new version of it called Meridi. New software in the works. Works on a touch screen monitor. So exciting...

Our loft studio in Chongqing China... the creative place. Here's a video of Adam going at it on one of his favorite songs he played so well, out of his head: The Kraken song from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

2013 Comments from Facebook: JS Let the Studio games begin! Grant Johnson Oh yeah! There's actually some really good places in here to hang some green screen (over the balcony, or from the high wardrobe cabinets, etc.) We even have LIGHTS ha! JS YAHOO! I am thinkin of producing a High School Talent competition - could be great fun or great trouble - we'll see ... too bad I dont have GJ Services - but I'll make do ...Or...I can send it all overseas and have GJ Svcs do the editing etc.! Grant Johnson ha! LH So there really is a "Slow Boat to China." GL Hey! Are those Mackie 8's or 10's? Setup is looking good. Grant Johnson Hey GL, those are actually Yamaha monitors. Smaller, but very capable. I got 5 for surround sound (if I ever get into that). Grant Johnson LH, more like a slow moving company. I think our stuff sat in China for about a month before they finally got around to getting it to our house. Same on the other end in the USA. I think the boat ride was about two or three weeks. But total moving time? 11 weeks. It's actually okay, because we really needed to spend a lot of time getting a jump start on the language, and actually still do… Grant Johnson The Chordboard STAC is fired up and running. Adam is once again making multiple track scores on logic Pro. I am also beginning to dabble in my music again too. So exciting times! SRA And I just got my keyboard fixed again! Time to get movin! Grant Johnson I meant to like your comment 10 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 3rd August 2013

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