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Grant's COMBAT SIMULATION VIDEO in China's DaZu Long Dragon Lake Island

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I went on a company retreat last weekend and part of the activity was CS (combat simulation games). Its a step up from laser tag because, well, just watch...

We went to an island (took a two=story small boat to get there), that was actually just like a jungle, all wooded with closely spaced trees. On the island was several empty brick houses in a compound, etc. just like a war zone. We each had authentic soldier-like camouflage uniforms, etc.

Although I am not seen much in the video (because I am the one shooting the video), you do see the view from my DSLR video camera during the "exciting battles" while I was busy shooting my laser tag rifle at others (the whole thing looks a lot like a video game, a first person view, lol).

Watch this 1080P video of the event:

I have never sweat so much in my life. Salt water constantly going in my eyes. It was hot, humid, the clothes were hot, and the helmut was hot. Like war (what would I know?). My backpack when I finally took it off, was also dripping, yuck! I needed water, and lots of it.

Afterwards we had dinner, played board games into the night, etc

What a blast. One thing that I took liberty with was with filming everybody whether they really liked it or not. I was shooting video the whole time, just let the video camera ROLL!! I was holding a DSLR video camera with both my right and left hands the whole time, often taking video with just one hand, my other hand holding the toy laser tag rifle, even while running from one place to the other.

I played the Kamikaze soldier because I had nothing to lose really, and so I dove straight into danger with my rifle pointed at whomever I was charging at, and it was actually a whole lot of fun, and very unexpected by my Chinese "Comrades" who took a more conservative and low key approach, patiently hiding behind walls by a door or window. In stark contrast I was the soldier who came charging in, charging at them, running past doors and windows.

It got me quite an advantage, the element of surprise, but it also got me "killed" because my alarm eventually went off, meaning that I had received too many "bullet hits" and so my game was "over." I still went around shooting and making noise, but what a lot of fun that was. It was like no other laser tag game I had ever played. It was in a real abandoned set of buildings, with water, bridges, and on an island... a real cool experience all around!!


KEB That looks fun.

CS That is amazing! How fun! I even had Jason with me, we were both glued to the screen watching Chinese laser tag. Love you all! xoxo

SJ That looks like fun! Mostly the terrain.. You would have a more realistic experience of it was paintball though.. Funny coincidence, you were playing Halo music through the video, and at 2:25, the girls number is 117.. That's the main characters number in halo.. Nerd moment over!

GJ too funny SJ. I thought of you when I was there. I thought how much cool this would be to actually do paintball, for you, not for me because it hurts too much ha ha. At first I thought we were going to be doing paintball, because I just couldn't understand the language. But then it turned out to be this

GJ my favorite part was at 4:50 where I did a suicide run just charging into a bunch of people blazing guns, camera rolling LOL

KM are you a game designer? or are you being prepared for what could happen in the future there??

SJ I would be more worried about here in America Krista.. In fact, go find some combat simulation somewhere near you and prepare yourself..

JRT When 5 year olds can be kicked out of school for pointing a finger and saying "bang"... are there really CS in the USA?

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