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Frozen solid

Transfers was kinda stressful but an adventure.

A day before transfers me and my companion (both from California) were takin' a walk thinking "wow, it feels just like California" and then the next morning, boom. Everything is frozen solid.

During the crazy weather I heard a bang across the street behind us thinking someone fell, and as I look behind me a huge tree branch hits the street.

I'll send pics below but because the trees had ice on all the branches the weight of the ice had tons of trees falling down and causing power outages all over Montréal. Crazy

And I had to drive the car to pick up my new companion through the non-lit streets of Montréal. It was intense. Plus it was raining super hard.

We finally made it to our apartment, had to survive with no power or internet for about 1.5 days. It was fun.

Aaaaaand I'm now officially out of the Chinese branch again in an english ward on the west side of Montréal, (Kirkland)

So far it's been great, the members are awesome, I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of success in this area.

Anyways, my hand is getting better, taking this huge cast off tomorrow.


Love yalll

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