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1st day of mission. Arrived at LTM in Provo, UT. May 4, 1978

1st day of mission.

"May 4th, 1978. Today I arrived at the LTM feeling like a missionary, but not knowing nothing. It's a beautiful facilities to say the least. I came into the foyer to register by chance with an elder Balkman from long beach. We were companions until 4:30 PM. My new companion is Elder Matthew Rogers from Flagstaff, Arizona.

He's fun, and a neat guy. We're going to get along fine. Heavenly father blessed me. I can help him, and him help me. He was kind of a rowdy kid too, before at this special LTM. I'm gonna work hard and practice. My heart is set. My bosom is burning with excitement and vigor for what I can accomplish with the Lord.

I know I can do it. I fear of sure failure without the Lord's help, but I am confident and trusting in him. I love the Lord and I need him desperately to survive and succeed these upcoming two months. I will pray so very often and try to set an example and follow all good examples."

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