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We Each Have

All persons, and their families, have a story to tell.  These stories give us roots from which we spring and wings from which to fly.  Our roots and wings also establish for each of us, an identity.  Who am I? we are left to exclaim.

We have a connection, and a sense of purpose and belonging. If we don't know we can seek it.  

It is our own Family History that gives us a sense and understanding of how we connect into the bigger picture. Our life. This world. By discovering and telling our stories we identify with those that have come before, those with whom we associate now, and by so identifying make a pathway and a connection for those yet to enter the picture. Our spouses, our children, our life-long friends. This is our life story unfolding continually, and for every single person and family there is a purpose, a meaning to this life.


In our lives there are Sequences of events, and the order is often so important.  Important steps that present themselves the older we get.  Birth, childhood, education, responsibilities and jobs, our family, grandkids, and the sunset of life.  Each step makes up our grand story and we call it family history.  It's not complete without weaving it with the stories of the many others who were part of our lives along the way.  Hopefully, the Savior of the World has also been a part of our lives from the days when we first discovered Him.  His name is Jesus Christ, and will be the most important person you meet.

I have met Him in the scriptures, and I fully believe a literal meeting is in my future.  Judgment Day.  I want that day to be a happy day.

He has taught "take my yoke upon you" and as we receive the ordinances He established such as baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Eternal Families sealed in the temples of God, then we are yoked together with Him on His Covenant Path.  We can be saved and receive Eternal Life.

“The trials and accomplishments of our ancestors can bless us with faith and strength today. Their love and sacrifices can increase our perspective and gratitude.” —Elder Gerrit W. Gong

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