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ENOCH Digital Services

Our Cinematography and Digital Services are comprehensive including:

  1. Storyboarding, staking out video/movie shoot.

  2. Script Writing. Story Telling.

  3. High-end 4k Digital clips, Final Cut Pro Libraries FCPX Apple ProRes.

  4. Drone Operators to capture spectacular and unique camera angles.

  5. Multicam shoots. Mountable cameras. Data Collection.

  6. Interview shoots and documentaries.

  7. Digital LED adjustable Lighting.

  8. High-end Mics, Studio Recording, Apple based LogicProX.

Cinema Drone. Data Drone.

Concrete Skate and Bike Park
DEMO REEL for Enoch Digital  (past decade highlights) has been registered on the WEB since 1995 by Grant P. Johnson

Qualifications for Commercial Drone Flights for Photography / Videography, Grant P. Johnson
Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 7.31.08 PM.png

DJI Drones, Mavic & Phantom

Enoch Digital is now registered with the Federal Aviation Administration with Grant P. Johnson as the "Remote Pilot" certified with the FAA, qualifying him and ENOCH Digital to commercially fly drones for the purpose of videography or aerial photography used in a variety of engineering and other commercial business including studies, research, and documentation. 

Grant flies the drones or directly supervises and takes responsibility for those who do in his presence. 

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