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PIRATES and STUFF 洪崖洞 hong2 ya2 dong4 Chongqing China 重庆中国 HD

Updated: Jul 14

Our family made a visit to the HongYa Dong area in downtown Chongqing in the YuZhong district on the peninsula there between the Jialing and Chang rivers. Here is a video of that day and night, what a blast we had.

We went with our friend Lynn. We did all kinds of things that day and it was a complete blast. One of the highlights of our trip was the street, A walking street, they had a lot of things to see and there was this pirates statue, the statue of the headless pirate and you could get up behind the statute and put your head or rather put your chin on top of this little platform and pretend you were the pirate. When Lynn got up on this ended up Pirates face our little girl Audrey just lost it fell to the ground laughing, For a long time.

We even saw a movie later that night, the White House Down movie, and I thought of all those secret combinations in play seeking for power and although it is only a Hollywood film, to me completely believable and plausible, because there's so much of that in our history of the world.

More Pictures from the trip! A beautiful place on the top of Hong Ya Dong 洪崖洞 old town.

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