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JIE FANG BEI PEOPLE-- UNCUT 解放碑人 ChongQing, China 重庆中国

Updated: Jul 14

Such a fun adventure, many of the Chinese people who live here in ChongQing get out at nights after work and go places, its like an event every night because there are so many people out.

Loving being around all of these people, so many of whom are super friendly. Not all of course, but so many are. Of course we are a novelty of sorts in this city, way inland... a 1000 miles from those large cities like ShangHai or BeiJing which have a more significant "westernized" element... but ChongQing is a much more authentic Chinese culture experience, IMO. Because of the lack of western influence. I like it.

In this video we start out in the historic section of old downtown ChongQing, where the People's Monument stands.

Then we veer off out of the modernized square there where the luxury stores and electronic signs exist, and out into the older streets where there are real people with vending stands, selling foods and treats, the sights and sounds of the noisier streets... it is quite an adventure. We always loved just wandering around together and seeing whatever we found... eventually find a bus home or get to the subway station and take the monorail home if we were on time.

Our Mandarin teacher, Li Shuang, she took us around the whole peninsula island on a nice guided tour, taking us first to go ice skating, then to a delicious restaurant where we had such delicious fried rice like no other, and then into the night out onto the tip of the peninsula where the large boats pass and many are docked, and colorful lights are on all of the boats and buildings reflecting off of the large river waters which flowed swift even though the water was very deep. You could walk right up to the waters edge, concrete stairs accommodated all levels of the river year round, so that you could always be on steps whether the water was high or low.

It was very warm out, summer weather prevailed, and the water was nice and refreshingly cool.

After all the festivities that night, we then had to find out way home by walking some distance (miles) to the nearest subway station, and then on a long ride home, only to have to get off and walk another mile in the late night at about 11 pm or midnight on some occasions. An exhausting super fun night, this time, and EVERY time we did it.

Comments from Facebook: LB Keep these videos coming, I'm loving it ! RJ Too cool! I'm glad you guys are having this adventure and posting videos so all of us can join you!! I love that random people come up to you and want pictures with you! It's hilarious! SRA Hey dad, I remember that song! Isn't that something I did on the chordboard? GJ Hey Bear, yes, that last song is one that you wrote (Mayan Eyes) and the one before that, one that I wrote (Straight Line). Great instrumental music, upbeat. You wrote that song in 2007. SRA Cool! Such a long time ago, I can't wait to not be busy and start writing music!

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