Adam & Emily Singing Chinese Hymn 万福源头 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Updated: Jun 14


Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

sang in Mandarin last week by Elder and Sister Johnson

( Adam Johnson and Emily Johnson )

Last preparation day, Adam and Emily spent a few hours putting together a musical number for their mission. As you may know, they are both at home, learning Mandarin Chinese for their missions until October 5, and each day they have classes with other missionaries also learning Chinese. They have prayers together and they have devotionals, and even musical numbers. So in this group of 15 or 20 missionaries they shared this musical number they did (sent an MP3). I heard it, Christa then heard it, and so we made this video. Adam arranged the song, and Emily did harmonies in the vocals, back in the music room. I was just amazed at how well they mix together on it, and how they did all this on their own. Doing missionary work in home MTC! Hope you enjoy.

And I hope they make even more music together, maybe even before they leave on their mission assignments (Emily going to Honolulu Hawaii and Adam to Montreal Canada).

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