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A pleasant surprise

I'm sure you want to know what the surprise is huh

This week. . . was a week. We found a girl named Genisis who lives 50 minutes from the church who wants to walk every week. There's another woman also that has come 2 weeks in a row that is coming out of faith to bless her daughters. I find that even though these people are just beginning in the gospel I can learn so much from their simple faith.

We got to have a zoom conference with Elder Renlund, it was amazing . His wife actually taught more than him, and it was all excellent. Things I wished I had heard early on in my mission. Then, a few days later we had a special conference with the area president Elder Acosta. I was assigned to sign the mission choir and we sang "I believe in Christ". It turned out really well and was a lot of fun

My companion and I received 1 mattress set and had to split it in two.. and for 3 weeks I slept on a boxspring and my companion on a thin mattress. I found out pretty quick that 2 of the springs in the middle were broken, and eventually I developed lower back pain to the point where I couldnt sit comfortably or walk fast. We switched mattresses and now I'm doing a little better but my companion is now sore. We are getting new mattresses this week luckily.

Alright.. the pleasant surprise this week was that a woman i worked with a lot in Los Hornos nearly a year ago sent me a message yesterday. Her name is Estela, and she is a member that needs to be baptized again due to issues in the past, and she was all ready except for the fact that she wasn't married to her man. Elder Arturo and I taught her boyfriend for 3 months and he accepted the challenge to be baptized, but he didn't feel ready to be married. I then was transfered and didn't hear from them again.. until yesterday! They sent me a wedding invite, a picture of them in their rings and a thank you note for helping Marcelo to receive a testimony all those months ago. It was so unexpected and special to see, I am very grateful to be a part of such a special work.

With love

Elder Telford

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